Canterbury Suxs

but it's cheap!

Canterbury Ghetto
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This is a community for people who live or have lived in Canterbury, the most ghetto of the ghetto townhouses.
4 square, 40s, 8-bit, b_h, barking dogs, bike gang knife fight, biking, bird_house, catfucker.com, cheese, clark motherfuckin' price, computers, dbj_h, dead johnathan brandis_house, dirty pools, drinkin', dvds, eden glade, floods, hiding mirrors, holes in ceilings, hurricanes, king cobra, late nite ferret visits, late rent, leaky sinks, low rent, m_a, maggies_apt, man fuck that cat, matt's ass, meredith's sims, moldy carpet, mp3s, naked landlady kids, nintendo, parties, porn, pot busts, projectors, r_h, redneck cleaning crews, robot_house, rocket_house, roof fixing, roosevelt nickels, shootings, snow skiing, sonny's, stairdweller, stealing doors, stealing windows, the 4th hinge, tornados, vermin, videogames, women